Fotopro Tripods Heads

There are 3 main series of Fotopro tripod heads: the LG ball heads, FPH-xxQ ball heads and the Gimbal. The 2 LG ball heads are the high end products with horizontal lock (for pano shots) and vertical, also including friction control and really high smoothness in the movements. The FPH-xxQ series includes 3 models: the 42Q with horizontal lock, the 52Q and 62Q with horizontal lock and friction. All Fotopro tripod heads are Arca Swiss compatible.

Fotopro Tripod Heads Models

ModelTypeFrictionPlateBall DiameterMax loadMax HeightWeight
LG-7RBall HeadYesArca Swiss44 mm20 Kg87 mm480 gr
LG-9RBall HeadYesArca Swiss54 mm25 Kg98 mm690 gr
FPH-42QBall HeadNoArca Swiss25 mm8 Kg80 mm220 gr
FPH-52QBall HeadYesArca Swiss30 mm8 Kg90 mm310 gr
FPH-62QBall HeadYesArca Swiss36 mm10 Kg95 mm400 gr
WH-30GimbalNoArca Swiss-25 Kg220 mm1350 gr
  • fph 42q testa a sfera fotopro

    Fotopro Ball Head FPH-42Q

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  • fph 52q testa a sfera fotopro

    Fotopro Ball Head FPH-52Q

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  • fotopro ball head fph-62q

    Fotopro Ball Head FPH-62Q

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  • Testa a sfera L6-7R

    Fotopro Ball Head LG-7R

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  • Testa a sfera fotopro L6-9R

    Fotopro Ball Head LG-9R

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  • wh-30 gimbal

    Fotopro Gimbal Tripod Head WH-30

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  • fotopro mh-7

    Fotopro Video Head MH-7

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