Fotopro X Series Tripod

Made of carbon fiber or aluminium alloy. Within the Fotopro X Series you’ll find the travel tripod for your needs. The carbon fiber family includes 1Kg tripod, hand baggage friendly tripods, tall opened but small folded tripods and more. The same sizes are also available in Aluminium.

Fotopro X Series Tripod
Available in multiple sizes and materials

Seven different dimension (4 in carbon fiber, 3 in aluminium), for everybody needs

Includes a monopod

You also have a monopod, just unscrew one leg

T-lock lock

Legs are blocked and released with a quick twist, only 1/4 turn, two o-rings gaskets are added against sand and dust

Adjustable legs

Any leg can be adjusted independently in 3 positions

Fotopro X Series Tripods

ModelMaterialSectionsBiggest Leg DiameterBall HeadMax LoadFoldedMax Height (central column up)Max Height (central column down)Weight
X-go miniCarbon322mmFPH-42Q8 Kg175 mm465 mm395 mm435 gr
X-goCarbon522mmFPH-42Q8 Kg340 mm1443 mm1023 mm997 gr
X-go PlusCarbon425mmFPH-52Q8 Kg430 mm1575 mm1220 mm1350 gr
X-go MaxCarbon428mmFPH-62Q12 Kg475 mm1718 mm1330 mm1610 gr
X-go GeckoAluminium522mmFPH-42Q8 Kg325 mm1443 mm1023 mm1205 gr
X-go ChameleonAluminium425mmFPH-52Q8 Kg430 mm1575 mm1220 mm1605 gr
X-go PredatorAluminium428mmFPH-62Q12 Kg475 mm1718 mm1330 mm1969 gr
  • Xgo Chameleon Fotopro

    Fotopro Aluminium Tripod X-go Chameleon

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  • Fotopro x-go gecko black

    Fotopro Aluminium tripod X-go Gecko

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  • Xgo Predator

    Fotopro Aluminium Tripod X-go Predator

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  • small tripod carbon x-go mini

    Fotopro Carbon Tripod X-go Mini

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  • fotopro xgo carbon fiber

    Fotopro X-go Carbon Fiber Tripod

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  • fotopro x-go max

    Fotopro X-go Max Carbon Tripod

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  • fotopro x-go plus carbon fiber tripod

    Fotopro X-go Plus Carbon Fiber Tripod

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