Fotopro Ball Head LG-9R


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Main features
  • Made of anodized aluminium
  • Built with very high precision numerical control machine
  • Weighs 690 gr and can carry up to 25 Kg without problems
  • With clutch, with block for video panning and horizontal rotation for panoramas
  • Video “stick” included (removable)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible

Fotopro Ball Head LG-9R

The Photopro LG-9R ball head is a very high quality tripod head, made of anodized aluminium and capable of holding up to 25 kg without any problems while maintaining a fluid and precise movement thanks to the clutch.

Thanks to the compact design it is possible to use the LG-9R ball head without compromising portability, and the weight of 690 gr is lower than products in the same category.

The main release knob includes a ring nut to set the clutch to different degrees of locking, to allow for the smoothest possible movement.

The release is fast thanks to the side knob, and the plate is compatible Arca-Swiss.

There is also a rotation release on the horizontal plane, which allows 360° rotation perfect for panoramas. An additional ring (“video”) locks the ball for panning, making this operation easier even during videos. A removable stick is included to control videos more smoothly.


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