Fotopro Carbon Fiber Tripod PGC-784

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Folded height: mm. 585
  • Maximum height (without column): mm. 1.560
  • Maximum height (with column up): mm. 1.775
  • Weight: g. 1.945


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Main features
  • Made of pure carbon 1K, 8 alternating and interwoven layers with Braided® system
  • Incredible robustness, stability and flexibility
  • Removable central column
  • T-lock technology allows you to adjust each leg segment quickly and safely
  • Perfect with the LG-7R ball head

Fotopro Carbon Fiber Tripod PGC-784

The PGC-784 Fotopro carbon fiber tripod is a tripod with 4 sections, 1K carbon of the highest quality and with 8 interwoven and alternating layers of carbon fibers. This tripod offers a minimalist design, with high-end features, at the most affordable price possible and with very high performance and characteristics.

This tripod has been designed for those who need a simple, high quality tripod, suitable for outdoor use and therefore to be transported, but that maintains an excellent height, flexibility of use and robustness. With a weight of about 1.9Kg, it allows you to load more than 25kg of equipment without any problems.

Thanks to the maximum extension of 1,775 meters (with the central column lowered: 1,560 meters) is the highest carbon tripod that we offer, very comfortable for most photographers. By adding a ball head (like the LG-7R or LG-9R) and the camera, you can easily exceed a total height of 1.95/2 meters (1.8 with the center column down)

1K carbon uses the Braided® system developed by Fotopro to braid and alternate 8 layers of carbon fiber to achieve structural and vibration resistance that is not achieved even with 10 or 12 layers using traditional methods. Thanks to this unique manufacturing method, the PGC-784 Fotopro carbon tripod is more stable, durable and weighs over 25% less than products with similar specifications.

The maximum leg diameter of the PGC-784 is 32mm, thanks to the Braided® system it has been possible to maintain a weight of 1.9 kg with 4 sections and a leg diameter starting from 32mm. When closed, the PGC-784 measures only 58.5 cm.

The central column can be removed, using only the plate further reduces the weight by about 400gr.

The 4 sections are 32, 28, 25, 22mm, with the central column of 30mm. Thanks to the high quality carbon fiber Fotopro 8X Extra, the legs are reduced by only 3mm between the second and third section and from the third to the fourth section. This advantage leads to the fourth section being 22mm in diameter, instead of only 20mm as for other manufacturers. This makes the PGC-784 as stable as a 3 section tripod, but with the bulk, weight, portability and extension of a 4 section. Overall is at least 10% sturdier than any other tripod with same number of sections.

This is an example of the kind of innovation that Fotopro aims for: continuous improvements that impact the real use in the field and the quality of our products.

All of the Fotopro stands have been tested and designed to withstand difficult conditions, but good maintenance is mandatory. Any external agents (e.g. sand) must be removed with fresh water and if necessary by removing the legs of the tripod. Similarly, after use in salt water, rinsing with fresh water is highly recommended.


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